Matti Sarmela


Culture of Thailand in the Postlocal World

ISBN 952-91-9353-X (PDF)

ISBN 952-91-9354-8 (HTML)

ISBN 952-91-9355-6 (CD ROM)

Helsinki 2005

The book is description of three villages in Lampang Province, Northern Thailand, and the changes in villagers' lives over three decades. It contains material on the villagers' housing, rice farming and other means of livelihood, community life, festivals, weddings, funerals, sorcerers and healers, as well as Buddhism.

The publication has three points of views: interviews of villagers, anthropological interpretation and photographs (380 pieces). Free for downloading in three parts.

Photo Report from Thailand I−III     2019

Lampang town and three villages.

Sample of 3060 pictures from original collection of 13 900 slides.From years 1972−1973 1984−1985 1997−1999.

See: Thaimaan kulttuuri