Structural change in a non-local environment

Matti Sarmela

Postlokaalinen kulttuuri

Kehityksen finalisaatio ja tulevaisuus.

Summary 60 pages

Postlocal culture

Finalization of development.

ISBN 978-952-99977-5-6 (PDF)

ISBN 978-952-99977-6-3 (CD-ROM)

Helsinki 2013

Coming universal global planetarian digital culture...

Finalization of digital environment -  Culture of universal technosystems - Disappearing of national states and local institutions - Arising of continental states/unities - Universal knowledge and education - Religion of development - Disappearing of marriage and family - Borderless sexuality - Global conscious industry - Ubiquitous digital surveillance of man, − Final scientific-technological control of man, nature and future − totalitarianism of saving globe.

Three environment systems

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